Aides, Companion & Domestic

CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) / HHA (Home Health Aide)

Maintains state certification and or a graduate of a state approved training program.


Caregivers must follow the high standards established and required by A Nurses' Registry. Our highly qualified and trained caregivers help you and your loved ones with activities such as:  assistance with bathing, personal hygeine, meal planning and preparation, transportation needs, errands, light housekeeping, and medication assistance.

Nurse Aides are allowed to assist with the these activities:

  • change of colostomy bag
  • reinforcement of dressing
  • assist with range of motion exercises
  • assist with walker, wheelchair, etc.
  • assist with ice cap or collar
  • simple urine test (sugar & acetone)
  • prepare special diet
  • measure intake and output

Nurse Aides are not allowed to assist with these activities:

  • change sterile dressings
  • irrigate body cavities - such as giving an enema, irrigating a colostomy or wound
  • perform a gastric lavage or gavage
  • catheterize a patient
  • apply heat by any method
  • care for a tracheostomy tube

Companion & Domestic

Provides basic non-medical services, such as: light housekeeping, errands and general companionship.  No hands on care / assistance required.